Lubiprostone: A Novel Drug to Treat Constipation

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Kamlesh Garg


 Lubiprostone, a bicyclic fatty acid, is a novel drug of new class of agents called prostones. It is approved by US FDA for the treatment of chronic constipation and constipation associated irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C). It activates specific chloride channels in the gastrointestinal tract to stimulate intestinal fluid secretion, increase gastrointestinal transit and improve symptoms of constipation. Lubiprostone is well tolerated in majority of the patients with nausea being the most common adverse effect. Lubiprostone represents a new approach of treatment in cases of resistant or intolerable cases of chronic constipation with proven efficacy and safety.

Key words: Lubiprostone, chronic constipation, IBS-C, spontaneous bowel movement.

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