Drug disposal and environmental concern

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Bhavana Srivastava


Drugs have become an integral part of our lives. It is a boon for the humanity for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disease. Besides beneficial effects drugs do have some adverse environmental effects. The disposal methods create a lot of dilemma in the minds of drug users and caregivers. This has given birth to the descipline of Ecopharmacovigilance. There are various countries, especially European and American with regulatory requirements which governs ERA of pharmaceuticals. Most drugs can be thrown in the household trash, but consumers should take certain precautious before tossing them out according to the Food and drug administration (FDA). A few drugs should be flushed down the toilet, besides, take back programs at the level of community offer safe disposable alternative. Despite the safety reason for flushing drugs, some people are questioning the practice because of trace levels of drugs and residues are  found in surface water, such as river , lakes and in some community, drinking water supplies. Exposure of human beings and animals to drugs through the environment affect them directly or indirectly. Measures like safe disposable methods, education about judicious and rational use of drugs and development of biodegradable products may go a long way in achieving or minimising environmental pollution by drug.


Key works- Ecopharmacovigilance, drug disposal ERA, FDA

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