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Rajveer Bhaskar Monika Ola Rahul Patel Dr. S. S. Chalikwar


The cyclodextrins have a wide range of applications in various areas of drug delivery and pharmaceutical industry due to their complexation ability and other versatile characteristics. The most popular pharmaceutical application of cyclodextrin is to increase the solubility, stability, safety and bioavailability of drug molecules. The idea of this review article is to solve and study any of the findings and application of cyclodextrin (CD) and their derivatives in different areas of drug delivery. This review article introduce the molecular structure, properties like complexation, solubility etc. of cyclodextrins and targeted on its use for parenteral, oral, ophthalmic and nasal drug delivery. Other routes including dermal, rectal, sublingual and pulmonary delivery are again briefly addressed. The aim of this contribution is to focus on the potential application of chemically altared cyclodextrins as high-performance drug carriers in drug delivery systems with emphasis on the other recent developments. Thus cyclodextrins, because of their continuing ability to find several novel applications in drug delivery, are expected to solve many problems associated with the delivery of different other novel drugs through different delivery routes.

Keywords: Cyclodextrin, complexing agents, bioavailability, industrial application

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Bhaskar, R., Ola, M., Patel, R., & Chalikwar, D. S. (2019). CYCLODEXTRIN IN DRUG DELIVERY APPLICATION: A REVIEW. Journal of Drug Discovery And Therapeutics, 7(4).
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