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B. Lakshmi Priya B. Anitha Shyamala .


The rapid spread and dissemination of the multi-drug resistant bacteria world-wide represents a major public health problem. The development of antibiotics decreased the mortality among the humans and animals leading to a better life expectancy. But the injudicious use of antibiotics has developed antibiotic resistance and leads to development of superbug that is no longer responding to the current antibiotics given for the treatment .In this review article a brief note about the superbug types ,etiology and other information regarding superbug are described. superbug should be considered as serious issue as it may progress in further due to irrational usage of antibiotics .To overcome the challenges of antibiotic resistance /superbug infection ,antibiotic compounds with new mechanism approach should be done along with proper use of antibiotics.

Keywords: superbug, antibiotic resistance, bacteria.

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Priya, B. L., Anitha, B., & ., S. (2020). A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW ON SUPERBUG -INFECTION. Journal of Drug Discovery And Therapeutics, 8(1). Retrieved from http://jddt.in/index.php/jddt/article/view/461
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