A Review article on Sustained Release Dosage Forms


  • Ravi Sharma Research Scholar, Jaipur College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Mayank Bansal Professor and Principal, Jaipur College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Vikas Agarwal 3Professor, Jaipur College of Pharmacy


For internal route of administration, oral drug delivery remains best and the most preferred for administration for various drugs. Sustained Release is also suitable for overcome the side effect of drug and also increase therapeutic efficacy of drug. The basic concepts of sustained drug delivery system optimizes of the various parameters like biopharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of a drug in such a way that therapeutic efficacy is maximized, side-effects are reduced and cure of the disease is achieved easily. In pharmaceutical field, several dosage form having several advantage so that they used, in case of the Sustained release drug delivery is betterment of patient compliance, this due to reduce dose frequency, reduction of fluctuation in steady-state drug levels, maximum utilization of the drug, increased safety margin of potent drug, reduction in healthcare cost through improved therapy and shorter treatment period. The main object of this review give the complete knowledge for the sustained release dosage and its advantage, also describe  evaluation parameters of sustained release matrix tablets.