The Impact of Parents on Children's Participation in Physical Education and Sports in India


  • Sudha Kumari Research Scholars, SunRise University, Alwar, Rajasthan.
  • Mahmood Ahmand Professor, SunRise University, Alwar, Rajasthan.


Sport and PE are more frequently than any other discipline in schooling called a "laboratory of human experimentation." The study's 1250 parent participants were drawn from throughout India, and their selection was informed by a thorough evaluation of the relevant literature. Fifty students from each school in a different state in this paper, we report the results of our analysis of parents' replies to each statement, broken down by total high support, low support, and proportion of responses in each choice. The study's findings indicated that parents strongly support their children taking part in sports and other forms of physical education. The participation of Indian parents in their children's extracurricular activities, particularly those related to physical education and sports, is crucial.

Keywords: Physical Education, Sports, Support Parents and India