Constitutional Perspectives, Judicial and Legislature Measures and International Scenario of Child Sexual Abuse


  • Vidhya N Research Scholar, Sunrise University, Alwar
  • Sayyad Ismail Associate Professor, Sunrise University, Alwar


Child, Abuse, Sex, Teenager, Symptoms, Sexual, Assault


There is a major and widespread issue of child sex abuse (CSA) in India, as there is in many other countries throughout the globe today. Some children and teenagers may never recover from the psychological and emotional scars left behind by sexual abuse, which may cause developmental delays and a slew of other problems. Without the protection and therapy that children require when sexual assault is not reported, they suffer in silence. A review of recent research on child sex abuse in India is presented in this article. The CSA's socio-cultural and familial risk factors are taken into consideration here. Sexual abuse has been linked to a variety of symptoms and diseases. Consider these points while working with children who have been sexually abused in India. Data from social science and Indian legal precedents on child sexual abuse are analysed for this dissertation.

Keywords: Child, Abuse, Sex, Teenager, Symptoms, Sexual, Assault